About Us

What is Henslowe Irving and what do you do?

Henslowe Irving is a small, dynamic arts management consultancy and think tank that works to make cultural venues the best they can be.

We combine proven operational expertise with deep industry understanding to offer innovative, effective and resource-mindful solutions.

For our clients, this can range from advising on strategic planning to actively reviewing marketing operations; crisis-management to event programming support; providing interim executive management to governance reviews.

Our work as a think-tank is complementary to our consultancy engagements. We zoom out to consider the wider arts activity in our community and society and consider the future of our sector at a visionary level.

What are cultural venues?

We use the term cultural venues to describe publically accessible buildings that programme cultural activities across a wide range of genres, including live performance & visual arts.

In practice, we work with theatres, art galleries and museums as well as arts centres, creative organisations, government and  non-government organisations to improve their visibility, operations, audience engagement, governance and strategic planning.

What are your values?

Our values are the set of guiding principles that inform the engagements our people make with other organisations. You can read more about them here.

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