Henslowe Irving consultant brings Pop-up Globe theatre to life

Design Render of the Pop-up Globe, Auckland
Design Render of the Pop-up Globe, Auckland

In exactly a year’s time the quatercentenary of William Shakespeare’s death will be marked with a performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in stunning Elizabethan costumes, staged in the world’s first Pop-up Globe – a full-scale temporary replica of Shakespeare’s second Globe Theatre – in Auckland, New Zealand.

Pop-up Globe is the brainchild of New Zealand-born UK-trained Doctor of Shakespeare Miles Gregory – principal consultant with Auckland arts management consultancy Henslowe Irving Ltd.

“Seeing Shakespeare’s plays performed in the environment they were written for is a completely unique experience – as much a party as a performance” say Dr Gregory, who has twenty years international experience producing and directing theatre.

Pop-up Globe will be a full-size temporary working replica of Shakespeare’s second Globe Theatre, made to its exact dimensions, designed using the world’s leading research, and big enough for a thousand people.

“This is the first time that an accurate replica of the second Globe has ever been built”, Gregory adds.

Pop-up Globe will be built by Camelspace, local experts in constructing extraordinary temporary structures. It will then present three months of theatre, celebrate Shakespeare’s life and work with a gala event on 23 April 2016, then tour the world.

“This is for more than Shakespeare lovers,” says Gregory, “It’s a thrilling live experience that puts the audience at the heart of the action. And with tickets starting from just $10, we can’t wait for opening night.”

The project has met with enthusiasm from Shakespeare’s Globe London. “What a great idea” says Dominic Dromgoole, Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe. “Touring Shakespeare has been a tradition since the plays were first written 400 years ago. We are delighted that the Globe building itself is now traversing the planet”.

Tim Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor at Sydney University, on whose ground-breaking research the design has been based, says “Our research answers important questions around the shape and size of Shakespeare’s Globe, and challenges some of the fundamental assumptions made in the past about this fascinating theatre. People are going to be coming from the Northern Hemisphere to see this”.

Shakespeare's Second Globe 1614 - 1642 - detail of Long View From Bankside, Wenceslas Hollar,1647

Shakespeare’s Second Globe 1614 – 1642 – detail of Long View From Bankside, Wenceslas Hollar, 1647

“It’s a game changer” says Nick Brown, facilitator of Dramanet, a global forum of 695 drama teachers, and Pop-up Globe Education & Outreach Consultant.

“We’re expecting to see literally thousands of teachers and students participate in Pop-up Globe. It will radically alter the way Shakespeare is taught and understood in New Zealand for years to come”.

A multi-channel approach will see construction and operations funded through a combination of box office ticket sales, sponsorship, and state grants.

Dr Gregory says “We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve already received from individuals and businesses both locally and internationally.”

“Now we’re looking for sponsors, arts donors, and proud New Zealanders to join us and help make this project the best it can be”.

Website: http://www.popupglobe.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PopupGlobe
Twitter: @popupglobe

One response to “Henslowe Irving consultant brings Pop-up Globe theatre to life

  1. Well done for the latest initiative. We wish you good luck, plenty of backers and artistic brilliance.
    Dr & Mrs F Capocci. UK.

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