Anna Emmins and Electric Penelope

An inspiring story about an amazing young singer, Anna Emmins.

NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser

It’s true to say that Anna Emmins, the Berwick-based singer/songwriter behind local jazz-pop band Electric Penelope, is something of a late developer. For anyone involved in such a youth-obsessed industry as the music business, embarking on a singing career at the positively geriatric age of 32 is surely to count yourself out of the running before even hearing the starter’s gun.

But while Emmins may have been slow out of the blocks, she is more than making up for lost time. Just three months after Emmins set up as Electric Penelope, BBC Radio Introducing picked up one of her self-penned tracks. Two years spent gigging around the Borders followed, establishing a presence to such a degree that Electric Penelope is the headline act at the Frontier Festival this October – a performance timed to coincide with the launch of her debut album, A New Day.

Not bad for someone who only…

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