Inspirational Aesthetics

Cultural venues should be works of art in themselves as well as presenting or producing them. The aesthetic of a cultural venue – i.e. the way in which its atmosphere and ambiance is responsive to or appreciative of what is pleasurable to the senses – is of primary importance in communicating its brand and inspiring its visitors. Inspirational aesthetics draw from the heritage of a building to provide a unique, memorable and celebratory experience.

We have significant experience in transforming the audience experience at venues, resulting in a significant increase in repeat visits and audience satisfaction levels, through focusing on the impact of venue aesthetics on the holistic audience experience.

All of our work is informed by our values, which place the audience experience at the heart of our mission.

We have direct, industry experience in:

  • reviewing the aesthetics of cultural venues, particularly theatres
  • clarifying appropriate and desirable front of house aesthetics
  • advising on a resource-guided transformation of aesthetics
  • collaborating with artistic communities to transform venues
  • increasing audience engagement through artistic collaborations
  • developing civic pride and a sense of community ‘ownership’ through aesthetics